The Battle of the Three Armies

Nine hundred strong at least; the army of the Forest Department Sarawak.

At the other end of the spectrum, the big 6; timber concessionaires of ancient times (at least half a century old).

Multi-pronged business endeavours through the capital gained from unscrupulous exploitation of natural resources, have made them almost untouchable. The steadfast Adenan Satem, took over the helm as the Chief  Minister has ever since voiced out criticism that had devastated the proud Big 6.

Before, the new leader was silenced as he treaded the conquest of 20% royalty from Petronas.

Perseverance delineates him from common men. Having failed to acquire the additional royalty rate, he then sought to end the bombardment of the watchful eye, ever vigilant overseer; the international critics.

With his head held high and his voice exerted firmly, he decreed to no longer permit timber concessions in the State.

Members of the Big 6 were docile, but prudent. Natural forest management shall be the next piece of the puzzle. The next exploit.


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