Human flocking

Is flocking (like the birds) a normal behavioural habit in human? Made more prominent through social connectivity made more plausible? The effect of social media on human flocking behaviour. What twitter achieved effortlessly while TV could not. This recently more revealing side of human being is not evolutionary, at best, would be to describe it as a derivative of a more primitive trait. Survival.

My theory is that it is more basic. Where flocking could not be analogous as to the conjuring of an army, the basic instinct for survival begets it’s capability to answer these to and generalise them as one and the same. Where the change of heart of a lover once broken hearted, finds new love through sheer attachment and time spent with the new significant other. Flocking by social media differs from that of army recruitment; while one spectrum opens itself to achieving self fulfilment through verbal or physical means, the other spectrum looks at accomplishing a “greater good” objective, freedom and independence.
The word flocking to me, brings about images of birds in flight, closely. In human, it’s synonym for gathering, a crowd, a mob, a congregation, a swarm, Avengers (!), assemble (?!).
Social media, at least the least time-wasting ones like Twitter, can be highly efficient at acquire an audience for a gig,  a concert, or any kinds of events, simply by having a powerful preacher, the popular ones, the superstar, an icon with a flock of followers ready to answer or retreat the short message conveyed in a 140 characters limited due to the Twitter’s Short Message Service Delivery System. The archive feature of it, enables searchable database or tweets. the real time delivery permits the flocking phenomenon in homo sapien. A freewill effort whose limitation persists; geography, time, and money.
What makes social media substantially more successful than television and radio?  Well,  it answers directly to your interests. And unlike television. It speaks directly to you. You could spend 6 hours easy on your phone on a daily basis, with constant berating of notification from Twitter, whatsapp, Facebook etc, the seconds, minutes, and hours stacked up.  At most there’s one television in a living room on average, to which we have learnt to spend less time on. Mobile phones, tablets, and personal computers, and laptops; these have become our appendages, an anthropological form of USB port,  connecting us to the Internet.  And ultimately… the all of us.#SarawakforNajib


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