Sarawak Timber Industry on Occupational Safety


In Bintulu, where…you add your stuff here man, I’m not from around here.

Today is the last day of the lecture for the Occupational Safety and Health Campaign in Sarawak Timber Industry jointly organized by Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation (STIDC), Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), and Sarawak Timber Association (STA). The attendees are also recipient of a certificate of attendance which is also, get this – my only professional qualification certificate. Right? I’m sure a can present this and say that I’ve lived for at least 20 years and this proves that I’m a safe person. “Safety first, Sir!”

This is the 5th out of 6th series planned for regions having timber as one of its industries.

“Dosh!” Sounds like something Homer Simpson would say.

The local timber industry is the third highest when it comes to reported cases of mortality as mentioned by the speaker, Mr. Sadiyuk from DOSH. The NADOPOD, risk assessment, and HIRARC are some of the things that will be the bane of many of large timber concessionaires’s existence. I personally think that the management level should have attended this campaign as well and for the speakers to emphasize the continuous fine and compulsory jail-time coupled with it. That being said, progress will be slow and workload shall increase exponentially. While I can still push for the work to be done, asking for the financial commitment from the management will be another episode.


The frustration of a Dragonball fight scene cut into two-three episodes applies here.

On a more personal level, this should keep me sane in the logging camp where Google’s search light doesn’t shine. The exposure was a good one. The content added knowledge. That way, when I lose a finger or two during forest inventory, I’d know to fill in the JKKP 6 for and JKKP 7 for when a viper decided to sink its fangs into me. Provided that I’m still sane, alive, and well (and able to write), submission for JKKP 8 should ensue.


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